Big king after big meal


Few days ago we received an emergency call from our friends at the local Rescue Team. Villagers had noticed a BIG King Cobra at the side of a field margin whilst cropping sugar cane. With the snakes’ safety as well as that of the local community in mind, Mr Mee หมี กู้ภัยอุดมทรัพย์ อ.วังน้ำเขียว, of the Rescue Team, contacted us to help remove this magnificent animal.

On arrival we realized the snake had a massive bolus. It was so big he could not fit into his burrow. Considering this, we had to evaluate if it would be safer to leave the animal. Unfortunately, fear of the snake was evident and very strong among the villagers. We don’t blame them, it was big individual.



However, handling snakes with a big bolus is always a delicate matter because it’s easy to hurt them. Whilst we were contemplating the best solution for both snake and villagers, the snake decided to regurgitate its meal.

It was no surprise to us that it was a Burmese Python.
What impressed us was its size…

Once the King Cobra had rid itself of the Python, we attempted to capture it using the tube method. The snake was so large he could not fit into our standard pvc pipes. Therefore, we had to manually place him in the bag. Luckily, it went smoothly and we were soon on our way back to the station.


Story made its way to Thai Chanel 8 news:

On return we gave this huge male a quick shower, cleaning faeces and digested python parts from his body. This way we don’t need to worry about flies laying eggs on him whilst he waits to be processed for biometric data. After showering, we presented the snake with a larger pipe and this time he did not hesitate to enter. He now has time to settle down after what must have been an unpleasant experience.

The King Cobra is 6.5 kg and the Python, partly digested, is 5kg…. Now that is a big meal!

Thanks to the great work of the rescue team and cooperation of the villagers, this majestic creature lives to see another day.


While processing we collected measurements of this snake. He is 3.55 m total body length and weight 6.5 kg. What is interesting this not first time we meet this individual. In April 2018 this male was rescued from villagers house.


Since last encounter this snake grown 15.8 cm and gain 1,58 kg. Very impressive growth rate and some cool data for #sakaeratconservationandsnakeeducationteam.


Short video from release:

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