Indochinese Spitting Cobra (Naja siamensis LAURENTI 1768)

This is relatively young species, redescripted in 1997 by Wurster. Indochinese Spiting Cobra is smaller than Monocled Cobra and reaches 1.6 m at maximum. The coloration and pattern are highly variable and depend on geographical location. Specimens from the north and northeast Thailand tend to be uniformly brown or greenish dorsally. That is true also for SBR. Specimens from central Thailand may be completely black or black and white and with or without speckling or cross banding. Hood markings varies and are “V” or “U” or “H” -shaped or often spectacle shaped. However, the hood markings may be faint or absenent. This snake is primarily terrestrial. It feeds on variety of animals including other snakes, frogs, mammals and birds. It is commonly found in agricultural areas. It can spit accurately venom in aggressors eyes form 2 m. Once venom enters the antagonist’s eyes it causes intense pain. Venom should be flush out from eyes with big amount of water. Naja siamensis can be found threw Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. The LD50 of its venom is 1.07-1.42 mg/gram of mouse body weight.


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