Sakaerat Environmental Research Station

Nothing would happen without… Sakaerat Environmental Research Station and Director Mr. Taksin Artchawakom. Thank you very much for your help and support.


Director Taksin and me

The Sakaerat Environmental Research Station (SERS) was established by the Royal Thai government on 19 September 1967. It is administrated by the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research as a facility for ecological and environmental research. On 1976 SERS became a participant in United Nation, Man and Biosphere Program (MAB) as Sakaerat Biosphere Reserve.

This beautiful place is situated on the edge of Thailand’s Khorat Plateau about 300 km north-east of Bangkok. The station is run as a facility for ecological and environmental research. The station also runs a popular science camp for school children giving hands on experience and enjoyment from the forest.

SERS is covered by two Major forest types: Dry Evergreen Forest and Dry Dipterocarp Forest. Trees in the Dry Evergreen Forest include: Hopea ferra, Hopea adorata, and Hydrocarpus illicifolius. The Dry Dipterocarp Forest is dominated by deciduous species such as Shorea obtusa, Shorea siamensis and Shorea floribunda. These two forest types cover 50% of the reserve area. The remainder is covered by plantation and small pockets of bamboo and grassland.

486 species of vertebrates are known to be present at SERS:

  • 79 species of mammals including barking deer and common wild pig,
  • 290 species of bird such as siamese fireback and red jungle fowl,
  • 29 species of amphibians,
  • 88 species of reptiles.

Endangered and endemic species are found: sunda pangolin, sambar deer, black giant squirrels, green peafowl, silver pheasants, korat legless skinks, angular-spotted geckos and others.

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