Green Pit Vipers from Thailand


We would like to present you with one of the effects of our last Visit at Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute. We were lucky to photograph some of snakes kept in the institute.

This time we present you with several beautiful green pit vipers species.

Green Pit Vipers are responsible for biggest amount of envenomations in Thailand (about 40%). Their venom varies in toxicity between species, but all are primarily hemotoxic and considered to be medically significant to humans.

Bites can be avoided by using a light while walking in the dark and double check on dark places like log/rubbish piles before putting hands in.



CAT goes snakey with SCSET and Sakaerat Najas Project

Hello everyone!

We are happy to inform you that legendary CAT agreed to support our project with two heavy duty smartphones (S30 and S40) that will allow us to collect data even in the toughest of conditions.


We will definitely get back to you about this devices once we have some more experience with them.

On picture you can see two Trimeresurus macrops Large Eyed Pitviper and Oligodon sp. Kukri snake.