Nasi014 capture

On 4th of July we had rescue call. People called us saying that the have King Cobra at their house. At the site it turned out that snake is actually Indochinese Spitting Cobra. Nasi014 is 1.3 m and 432 g  male. After implantation with radio transmitter this snake is part of our project. Interesting is that this snake share at least part of its home range with Opha019 (2.7 m King Cobra) radio tracked by Sakaerat Conservation and Snake Education Team.

First picture made by Cameron Hodges show snake as found in the house.

We wish this snake good luck. There is at least on hungry King Cobra around…

Nasi014_on capture

Nasi014_05.07_wm 2Nasi014_05.07_wm


Indo-chinese Spitting Cobra Naja siamensis. Nasi003 is an adult female captured in villagers toilet. Snake is 1.35 m and 685 g. I am tracking her since 29.01.2015.

Nasi003 was released 120 m from capture site on a border with dry dipterocarp forest.