Volunteering positions

My work wouldn’t be possible without support of volunteers. If you feel like my project is interesting and would like to develop your research skills please feel free to apply for the position.

All positions are unpaid. Housing and food will be provided for volunteers for the duration of their stay at the research station.

I am looking for volunteer for a Monocled and Indochinese Spitting Cobra (Naja kaouthia and Naja siamensis) spatial ecology study. Fieldwork is very rewarding but also physically demanding, so be prepared to work long days, starting at 05:30 and likely to continue well into the night.

Please list your earliest available date in your cover letter.

Volunteers must:

– track adult male and female Monocled and Indochinese Spitting Cobras,
– write weekly summaries on captures, including capture distribution maps,
– communicate with local villagers in a friendly and non-intrusive manner,
– record observed behaviors and go through video feeds from camera traps,
– be able and willing to work long hours in very warm and humid conditions.


– 21 years or older (exemption can be make for outstanding candidates),
– experience with outdoor work (manual labor),
– volunteers need to be fit (able to walk more than 10 km in a day),
– respect for biodiversity,
– health Insurance,
– commitment of 6 months or more, (Exception internships students)
– MUST be able to provide your own plane ticket to Thailand.
– ArcGIS, Program R and extended knowledge of Excel will be big advantage.

If interested, please email your resume and cover letter to:


Our newest position openings and many others are advertised at:


2 thoughts on “Volunteering positions

  1. Is this still current – that you need volunteers? Is there any opening for the krait tracking project? I will post this link at facebook.com/ThailandSnakes, but if you can let me know exactly any more needs I will be glad to post them over there. Cheers – Vern L. (ThailandSnakes.com)


    • Hey, sorry for late reply but I finally had good holidays. We are rotating our volunteers. They are coming for 6 months so sooner or later there will be opening. As it comes for krait project as fare there is no need for extra personnel as Tyler is tracking two individuals (very hard to find).


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